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lying beneath you. Go out of doors and get a
good big chunk of Ice and place that on his chest*
And then you will be even with him.3

I did as my father told me to do3 and my
brother awoke with a yell that startled the whole
camp. He grabbed me before I could get out of
the teepee and gave me a whipping that I have
never forgotten. When I told my father what
happened he laughed lustily; and then he patted
me on the head and said:

'That is good, my son; so now you know what
it feels like to be whipped early in the morning—
from now on you will be whipped at every dawn,
You are not going to be a little girl and cry: you
are going to be a brave/ And so it seemed,

By the time I was six years old I was beginning
to enjoy the rougher games of my elder brother
and playmates, I remember one funny game we
used to play on cold blizzardly afternoons when
we could not go out of the teepee. We used to
burn one another and see who could stand the
most pain. We would go out and get some dry
fir needles and come back into the teepee and sit
down in a circle around the fire. Then we would
light the fir needles and place them on the back of
our hands and see who could stand to allow them
to burn down to ashes. When our hands were all
burned raw, sometimes we would pull up our little
buckskin shirts and allow the other fellows to